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These are amazing! I had this tileset and your Christmas Battler sprites for awhile and I finally had a chance to use them in a Christmas Jam last month. I ended up making some edits to make idle animations, hopefully they don't bring shame to your amazing work.


Maaan, that's amazing hahaha. I love the way you animated the battlers, and you managed to make Santa even creepier.

Thanks for sharing, good job :)

(3 edits) (+1)

This is a great asset pack, it was perfect for a puzzle game that I wanted to make.


Ohhh that's great!! Thanks for sharing, I love the way you used the assets :)

Works in RPG Maker MV?

Hi, unfortunately I haven't tested it in RPG Maker, so I'm not sure if it'll work there.

I'll be offering this pack for free on December, so you might want to wait until then and test it yourself :)


An absolutely amazing asset pack!

Used it in my game, Santa's Village Builder. It made the whole atmosphere of the game!


Oh man that is so cool!!! You did a great job, thanks for sharing! <3


Thank you, :3 this for my RPG game.

You're welcome! Hope you make something fun :D


:D Yea, thanks, but when i use this tileset i will give the credit, XD~


dude you have big talent this is so cool

Thanks man, I'm glad you think so!


i felt a lot of effort was put into this thing

Just bought this pack, looks nice. Just a suggestion; please make the full tileset image in power-of-2 sizes. For example, 512x512 or 1024x1024. Makes it easier to work with. Thanks!


Thanks, didn't know that. Fixed!

Another great asset pack ! Any more seasons in the works? 
Maybe spring , autumn ? Or a desert biome ? :-)

Haha I haven't decided yet, but I'll definitely do a desert biome one day.
Other options are Halloween pack, Enemy pack, Castle, House interiors, City...

All great ideas!