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I used your assets again for the mmorpg jam:

Woaaah, that's really cool :D

I like the palette changes, too.

Thanks for sharing!


Your pixel assets are the bees knees


Aw thank you, I'm really glad :)

Hey, I bought all of your packages. Is there a way to get the font you ussed to make the tittle? Thanks!

Hi, that's not a font, that's custom made for the title!


Thanks. Pretty sick title!

Thank you :)


Oh you're so close reaching your goal! Lets give it a tiny push.. =)

Oh no! Now I have no choice but to add more content to my Heroes pack! D:
Haha thanks so much, you're the best :)

Hi, I bought this for the tileset, but the water tile is incomplete. There is no water//grass edge tile. The tiles for sand//grass and dirt//grass are complete, but for the water//grass tile, I couldn't find it.

Hello there!
If you mean the inward corners, the water tiles use the same 4 tiles as the grass hills. These:

Please let me know if that fixes your problem :)


Yes, that's what I mean.

Thanks a lot. Cheers :)


This tileset is super pretty! I like the colours and the soft edges on corners (ground to water transitions etc).

Did you use a fixed palette or as many colours as needed? I use engines that limit to 16 or 64 colours so I have to spend time to adapt asset packs (also for size! but that’s fine with my limited skills compared to colouring)

Thank you!
I'm using a fixed palette for my packs, and I don't add new colours unless it's really necessary. Right now the colour palette is around 48 colours. If you'd like me to share it just let me know :)


Awesome pack. Any chance of an interior?

Thanks! I plan on making an interior pack in the future. It'll take some months, though.

All good, is it possible to have the color palette please?

Sorry for the late reply, I never got a notification!
Here's my current palette, it's based on the Rosy-42 palette.


I don't know why i have never seen your assets... i've bought it !

Thank you! I need to work on my marketing skills haha


i made a game using those assets:

Ohhh that's so cool! I love it. Do you mind if I share it on Twitter and Instagram?


Glad to hear that^^ , feel free

I just bought your packs, could you do a hero pack with attack animations? Such as sword, boomerang, bow and arrow, hookshot, bomb, so on and so on..And maybe put some cutable breakable objects such as pots, bushes, please.PS your art is outstanding by the way love it.

Hi, thanks a lot, I'm glad you like these. I'll surely do a hero pack at some point, thanks for the idea. Stay tuned for more updates and news! 

did you consider making an attack animations?

Yes, that was out of the scope of this pack, but I'm planning to do an Enemy pack in the future including attack animations

cool, by the way, the blonde girl is missing idle animation

You mean NPC 09? I checked and it has both idle and walk animations
It should be there, maybe try redownloading?

Woooow Duudde there is so much sprites, totally worth 10 bucks

Haha thanks, I try to offer some good value and variety. I'll be adding more  content in the near future, stay tuned!
Please consider rating the pack, it helps me a lot :)

Lovely! The animations make everything seem so alive. 

This is an awesome pack!

Thanks so much! :D

Good job more little animals please !

Thank you! I'll add some animals in a future update :)

Can I recommend you also use twitter ? Many asset artist are onthere as well and its probably the fastest way to spread the word regarding your assets. Also there is an option here on itch where anyone that purchases can retweet . 

Thanks, I actually made a twitter account a few days ago:
Oh, didn't know about the share option. I'll try to promote it a bit more, upload some other works there, etc :)

Awesome work, well done :) !

Thank you, I'm glad! :)

This is pretty awesome. I hope you make additional packs / more art in the same style!

Thanks so much!
My plan is to add content to this pack as more people buy it, and also create other packs to complement it (different environments, character pack, maybe some icons, interiors, etc).