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This asset pack has been a lifesaver for me. Currently using the alchemist, blacksmith, barmaid, and a modified version of the merchant in my upcoming game. Just donated (on my other account by accident, oops), and I'm sure I'll pick up your other packs in time. Thank you for such great work, and I'm looking forward to plugging your itch page every chance I can get. :)


Thanks so much for the donation, I'm glad you found the pack useful!
Good luck with your game, let me know when it gets released and I'll be sure to check it out :)


Nice work I will showcase my new rpg game soon. Your animation fits well with this amazing game I'm creating.  I plan on supporting & buying all your feature projects. :)

Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing your new rpg, I'd love to see the sprites in action :)

Good luck~


I just brought the bundle today thank you kindly. :)

Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it :)
And good luck with your project!

I would be interested in a library of monsters with your art style. Love your work

Thank you!
You can contact me at for custom works.
Otherwise, I plan on making monster packs in the future. I got a christmas-themed rpg battler pack coming next week :)

This is incredibly valuable! Tons of helpful customization options. Thanks for making this!

Thanks for the comment! Glad you like it