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Hey these look cool but I feel like the perspective is not always consistent, some of the creatures (like vampire or the golden knight) are clearly top down while others (like the worm or the king) seem to me to be more from a straight front perspective

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean, I agree that perspective can be improved on these. I'll take it into account


A Samurai/Japanese Themed facttion would be awesome. Having a Shogun or some kind of japanese mythical creature as their "boss" monster. <3

That's a great idea, thanks! I'll make a twitter poll next week with all the suggestions.


Perfect! Got it as soon as I saw it!


Thanks a lot! Hope you find it useful :)


I've never been so frightened that I screamed 'aww!' before. Now I have had the luxury of experiencing this. They look amazing, great job!

Hahaha terrifyingly cute sprites for you. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!


Really nice work!

Many thanks :)

the death animations are only one frame and look a little weird except that this is a cool monsters pack.

Yeah, death frame is intended to be used in conjunction with a fade-out effect for it to look nice. It has inverted colours in order to differentiate it from hit animation.

Thanks for your feedback!

These are awesome. It really rounds out your asset library and I feel itch has a shortage of collections of 4-direction enemy sprites. Great job.

Thank you! Yeah, I was definitely lacking some enemy sprites in my assets :)
Glad you like them~


oh hell yes


Just a word... F*** AMAZING ! (oops, two words, sorry !)

Hahaha thanks, dude